Scotas OLS
Scotas OLS Native Solr integration. Integrated into the RDBMS by adding new index type
When you need to search over big data, you need specialized solutions capable to deal with the velocity, variety and volume of this valuable information which analysis allows you to implement better solutions and to delineate appropriate business strategies. An important challenge in this area is how to handle the company big data and normalized data in an efficient, on line and integrated way. Oracle engine allows implementing user's Java applications inside the engine transparently. Following this approach, Scotas OLS is a product that has all the previous characteristics, throw the
implementation of the market standard solution Solr/Lucene inside Oracle Engine adding transactional and security features.
Applications requiring certification against security and audits
Advanced Full-Text Search features.
Applications requiring no delay between data changes
and a positive hit.
Near Real Time update/insert, Real Time deletes.
On-Line index/rebuild, Parallel index/rebuild.
Scotas Push Connector - Download unlimited Free Version
External Solr and ElasticSearch integration. Automatically interacts via SQL
Our unique push technology can capture automatically your relational data changes and automatically keep in sync an external searching instance.
Scotas ElasticSearch Push Connector
Like Scotas Solr Push connector if you need Solr searching facilities but with elastic deployment the ElasticSearch Push Connector is the solution for your application. ElasticSearch is an Open Source (Apache 2), distributed, RESTful and designed for the cloud search engine built on top of Apache Lucene. Scotas ElasticSearch is a connector which keeps your SQL data in-sync with your ElasticSearch out-of-the-box installation using JSON over HTTP. It also provides query facilities in SQL by adding new relational operators and functions.
Scotas Solr Push Connector
Solr Push Connector provides a near real-time free-text search solution which can be integrated really easy on any website or application. You can start with one machine and scale to hundreds. This is a two-way connector which integrates Oracle database with Solr/Lucene search engine.
The key features of Solr Push Connector are:
Sends data to the Solr out-of-the-box installation via JSON over HTTP.
Consumes data during query time with new SQL operators and functions. This connector does not require the Oracle internal JVM since it is developed completely on PL/SQL. It also works on Oracle 10g express, 10g standard and Enterprise Edition and any 11g installation.
Comparison Matrix Integrated Search
Scotas OLS
DB native solutions
Solr Lucene
Real Time
Flexible and Powerful features
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OJVM Integrated
Java inside the Oracle Database integration
Partitioning support
Local partitioning tables
Encrypted/Compressed Storage
Implemented using Oracle Transparent Encription/Compression
Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) /

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards (related prevoious point)
IOT Tables
Index Organized Tables
Solr Query Syntax
Extended Lucene Query sintax with math functions, and others extensions
Avoids sensitive information over

the net

User sensitive information transmited over the network such SSN
Highlighting, faceting, etc.
Easy to use with ancillary operators or pipe-line tables
Multiple tables-columns

Easy ready to use User Data Store for selecting multiples columns off several data types
Complex data types
Integer, Data with optimized range operations (TrieRange) also Geo
Parallel Indexing
Multiple Oracle process indexing in parallel
Rich Composite Domain Index
Domain Index Sort, Domain Index Filter (multiple columns, any data type)
Transactional storage
Secure commit-rollback functionality over the inverted index structure
Auditing facilities
Auditing facilities, tracks who alter or delete objects on the index storage, specially for SAS-70 or ISO 27001 among others federal requirements
Row level filtering
Filtering the result based on row level security (RLS) also called "Virtual Private Databases" (VPD)
On-line backup
Backup the inverted index storage with writting enable
NRT Updates/ RT deletes
Inserts, updates are applied practical with 0 time waits, deletes are allways processes in RT with 0 delay
Highlighting without storing fields
Use on the fly row information to return highlight text
Per index isolated storage
Each SQL index has his own inverted index storage not shared con other index
Lucene/Solr core version


Simple change Solr/Lucene version without major application changes