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Scotas OLS
Scotas OLS Native Solr integration. Integrated into the RDBMS by adding new index type

When you need to realize searches over big data, you need specialized solutions that can handle with the velocity, variety and volume of this valuable information which analysis allows you to implement better solutions and to delineate appropriate business strategies. An important challenge in this area is how to handle the company big data and normalized data in an efficient, on line and integrated way.

Oracle engine has the ability the implement user's Java application inside the engine transparently. Following this approach, Scotas OLS is a product that has all the previous characteristics, throw the implementation of the market standard solution Solr/Lucene inside Oracle Engine adding transactional and security features.

- Applications which requires certification against security and audits standards.

- Applications which requires practically 0 delay between data changes and a positive hit.

- Advanced Full-Text Search features.

- Near Real Time update/insert, Real Time deletes.

- On-Line index/rebuild, Parallel index/rebuild.