What is Scotas?

Scotas is a company specializing in Full Text Search for Oracle Database. We provide different solutions to share advantages of Relational Data and Optimized Free Text Searching.
Our staff is composed by experts on both business, we can help your company to find out the best solution.

Marcelo Ochoa
 CTO and Co-Founder
Marcelo has worked in several Oracle related projects like translation of Oracle manuals and multimedia CBTs. His background is in database, network, Web and Java technologies. In the open source world he is known as the developer of the DB Generator for the Apache Cocoon project, the open source projects DBPrism and DBPrism CMS, the Lucene-Oracle integration by using Oracle JVM Directory implementation and in Restlet.org project the Oracle XDB Restlet Adapter an alternative to write native REST web services inside the OJVM.
Since 2004 is part of the ACE program. Oracle ACEs are known for their strong credentials as Oracle community enthusiasts and advocates.
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Maximiliano Keen
 Product Manager and Co-Founder
Maximiliano is also a Director and Co-Founder of Temperies, an Information Technology company constituted in 2006 specialized in both consulting and software developing areas. Maximiliano leads operations and technical group. He is responsible of research and development activities with special focus on new products, long-term visions and strategies.
Before founding Temperies, Maximiliano spent most of his professional career working for web development companies. He held the Technology Manager position at Latin3 and led the technical team in Buenos Aires reporting to the Technology Director in Miami. Maximiliano was responsible for the management and monitoring of numerous projects for Latin-American divisions of large customers (Nextel, Sony, Pepsi, Visa, GM, Dell).
Maximiliano Keen is a System Engineer from UNICEN, Argentina.
Bow Rodgers
Bow is a C-level executive and serial entrepreneur whose business experience has spanned both enterprise and startup companies in the most competitive and demanding industries.
His breadth of management experience ranges from Group President of Sprint Telecommunications managing 1,500 people to getting funded by Microsoft for startup, Human Engineered Software. He has held CEO and COO positions with successful early stage and mature enterprise coroporations.
General Management, Board or Business Development positions within the Cleantech Industry
John Della Penna
John is currently involved in early stage high tech funding and development of new technology start ups in the Mobile, Cloud and internet space. As an early investor and advisor he is responsible to work closer with the founder to secure early financing for the venture and secure strategic partnerships.
Active member of Sand Hill Angels www.sandhillangels.com

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